ESU Romania

  • NEW! Public Speaking Competition_2014_2015
  • Concursul de Discurs Public si Concursul de Debate, incepand cu acest an, taxa de 50 de lei, solicitata pana acum pentru inscriere la Concursul de Public Speaking, a fost scoasa.
    Daca elevii dv au platit deja taxa, aceasta li se va returna. Perioada de inscriere se prelungeste pana la 5 decembrie. Copiii se pot inscrie folosind formularul de pe
  • Final Regulament Public Speaking 2015
  • Etapele concursului International Public Speaking Competition Discourse pentru anul şcolar 2013-2014, cu tema naţională ” Life is the Most Difficult Exam”, vor avea loc la datele:
  • 14 octombrie -15 noiembrie 2013 – înscrieri;
  • 22-24 noiembrie 2013 -etapa pe şcoală;
  • 06-08 decembrie 2013 – etapa locală;
  • 24-26 ianuarie    2014 – etapa judeţeană;
  • 28 februarie – 02 martie 2014 – etapa regională;
  • 27 martie  2014 – semi-finala-Bucureşti;
  • 28 martie  2014- finala    -Bucureşti;
  • 12-16 mai   2014- finala internaţională la Londra.
  • Etapele concursului naţional sunt organizate de Uniunea Vorbitorilor de Limbă Engleză (ESU) România. Informaţii suplimentare pot fi obţinute la adresa email office@esu,ro. ţel: 021210.10.42 precum şi de la doamna Florina-Jasmine Niculescu, profesor de limba engleză la Colegiul Naţional „Mircea cel Bătrân” din Constanţa (tel: 0744336056, adresa de email:, coordonator naţional al concursului, din partea ESU-România.
  • The ESU International Public Speaking Competition:
  • Nume  si Prenume Elev Liceul de Provenienta Clasa Premiul obtinut Profesor indrumator
    DUMITRU ALEXANDRU Liceul Teoretic  ’’Mihai Viteazul’’ Caracal   XI LOCUL I / TARA  LONDON -The International Finals in London, Monday 13 May 2013 – Friday 17 May 2013. CERECELAN CAMELIA
  • The 2013 National theme is ”A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand” and the International theme is ”Ideas Are Our Greatest Weapons”
  • The Local Heats of the National Public Speaking Competition in English will take place between the 25th and 27th of January.
  • The County Heats of the National Public Speaking Competition in English will take place between the15th and 17th of February.
  • The Regional Heats of the National Public Speaking Competition in English will take place between the 15th and 17th of March.
  • The Semifinals of the National Public Speaking Competition in English will take place on the 21st of March in Bucharest.
  • The Finals of the National Public Speaking Competition in English will take place on the 22nd of March at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest.
  • The International Finals in London from Monday 13 May 2013 - Friday 17 May 2013.
The English-Speaking Union –Romania was registered in 1996 as a Romanian non-governmental and non-profitorganization and in 1997 it was officially launched as a Branch of the ESU International Organisation.Itoperates as an active and non-political, independent association,being fully affiliated to the ESU International organization based in London.
The ESU is an educational charity and a membership organisation. It believes that education forms the strongest links among people by promoting a message of international understanding and human achievement through the widening use of the English language throughout the world.
The ESU was founded in 1918 by the writer and journalist Sir Evelyn Wrench to foster good relations between Britain and the USA, but was later increasing its area of activity to the Commonwealth and it operates at present on a worldwide scale. There are some 60 000 members in over 50 countries around the world and the membership is still growing. The voluntary support of members is vital to the success of the organisation’s goals.
The ESU International Public Speaking Competition has now been running for 32 years. When the IPSC started, it was an international tournament between England and Australia only. Today, the competition reaches over 40,000 young people in around 50 countries across the globe. Recent winners of the competition have included Mauritius,The Philippines,Yemen,Lebanon and South Korea.
The purpose of the IPSC is to bring together the best speakers from all over the world for a week of international cultural exchange.It showcases the very highest standard of public speaking from around the world, while giving delegates an opportunity to meet and engage with other young people of different backgrounds and cultures.
Dates:IPSC 2013 will run from Monday 13 May 2013 -Friday 17 May 2013.The programme for the week will be made avaialable closer to the time,but will includes debating and public speaking workshops delivered by world class coaches and mentors, a number of educational and cultural trips and excursions in London, as well as the heats,semi-finals and grand final of the competition.
Themes:In keeping with the format of last year’s competition, we are releasing two themes: the national theme,which may be used by public speaking coordinators for their national competition finals, and the international theme,which will be used at the final of the international competition in May. This year’s national theme is A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand and the international theme is Ideas AreOur Greatest Weapons.
Handbook and Programme:The 2013 handbook is now available to view online and download.The handbook contains the dates and themes for IPSC 2013, the rules of the competition, an explanation of the competition structure and comprehensive guidelines and tips for speakers and adjudicators.Open publication-Free publishing-Registration Forms.Registration forms will shortly be available from this website.Please check back regularly for updates.

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